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new: the something else animated short (2019)

The official sequel to 2016's "The Something is here. "The Something Else picks up the main characters in the first story and finds Mylo working through another of life's little challenges... namely, "Who am I?" Mylo thinks (like many of us) that he'd like to be "something else" - someone else - anything but himself. But life seems to be, in some cosmic sense, "course-correcting," in the sense that upstream is up stream and downstream is down. Going down the upstream, one encounters tremendous resistance. Mylo, when he tries to become something he is not, falls on his face again and again. So - in a funny way, not getting what he wants turns out to be just the thing he needed. Drawn, animated, edited, voiced and scored by TB.


new: chameleon man live concert film (2018)

Live show filmed in September of 2018, featuring eight Tom Babbitt songs and an extended version of ZZ Top's "Blue Jean Blues." The concert took place at Francine Zaslow's Studio in Newton, MA in front of a studio audience - and features musicians Marciani from Argentina (guitar and backing vocals); Pietro Gennenzi from Italy (electric bass); Juan Mejia from Colombia (drums): and Santiago Galeano​ from Argentina (Keyboards and backing vocals). Each of these monster players (and wonderful guys) are graduates of the prestigious Berklee School of Musicin Boston, and are accomplished composers, arrangers and bandleaders in their own right. Tom's animations, as well his films with Francine Zaslow were projected during the live show as well as integrated into the finished film. 


the something animated short (2016)

An award-winning Tom Babbitt animated short of mother Natalie Babbitt's (Tuck Everlasting) classic children's book, "The Something." Features original score, song ("It's All in a Dream"), voices, illustration, editing and animation by TB.


Instagram under 0:60


I challenged myself over the last year or so, to try and make, and then post to IG, one under :60 animation every gosh-darn day. It was really fun and I found a groove for a while. Like, 200 animations later. It was the 'Year of Living Derangedly."  Go to page

longer shorts


The "Over :60 Crowd."

A sampling (smattering?) of slightly longer form animations from over the last 6 or so years, perhaps.