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Welcome to the central site for the creative work of Tom Babbitt: Film, Music, Animation, Fine Art, and even Clothing. 

I wear a few different hats... This was always true of my family growing up. My parents, Sam & Natalie Babbitt, were always doing something creative - from writing and staging musicals to collaborating on children’s books to starting experimental women's colleges to publishing multiple novels, like the classic, Tuck Everlasting (in multiple languages) to playing piano to doing radio sketches... then literally to Hollywood - and to Broadway...

Naturally, this climate empowered me, inspired me, to at least attempt similar flights of... fancy? too. So I became a singer/songwriter, composer, arranger, mixer, multi instrumentalist and performer; an animator, filmmaker and film editor; a fine artist showing at art fairs and galleries in Miami and NYC… and a Psychotherapist in private practice for over two decades. Seems normal to me... and really fun.

I hope you have a nice time. Listen to a few songs, crack open something cold, watch (award-winning) Music Videos and Animations... My Instagram @babbittvisuals has something just shy of 200 short-form (under 1 minute) animated hors d'oeuvres and skits ranging from slapstick to disturbing to stupid and back again. Samples HERE. You can even shop for ART WEAR - featuring my FINE ART  and that of my masterful partner, veteran Boston Photographer, Videographer, and Director, Francine Zaslow. Hey! Consider owning an original painting (yes -that's a thing) or an affordable print at literally any size - framed or not on the FINE ART SITE... Or we could just go to the mall and wander around - there's no shame in that. Or go to Mr. & Mrs. Bartley's burgers - Harvard Square. Or watch Hulu... I really just want you to be happy. Thanks for visiting - TB

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